Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange payment installments?

Once you have selected this as your payment method, a team member will contact you to arrange a installment plan based on your sign-up date.

Do I need to arrange the flight? Who will my child be travelling with?

Flights are booked by parents of students. We do our best to coordinate flights for students to travel together who are leaving from the same American cities. Otherwise, students travel alone. Our team leaders meet the students at the Narita Airport in Tokyo and bring them to the hotel for orientation. They also escort students to the airport on their departure date.

Are the dates flexible?

Yes! Our main arrival date is: July 22, 2021 Our main departure dates are: August 1 + August 9, 2021 We are flexible with students summer plans and are able to coordinate their internship and experiences to them. Please refer to the calendar and specify the 11 days (+10 nights) that work for your schedule.

Where will my internship be?

Based on the students interests and specified volunteer sectors of interest we do our best to arrange their experience with volunteer openings. Students typically volunteer in 2-3 sectors. We want students to have a varied experience, but they can stay in one sector if they enjoy it. Alternatively, they can move to a different sector if requested.

What precautions do you have in place for COVID-19?

Please refer to our COVID-19 statement here: www.bsmtrips.com/covid19