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Every athlete must identify and develop their brand in order to capitalizeon their marketing potential.


Hundreds of millions of people watch sports events and follw the top competitors every year, creating lucrative marketing opportunities for companies in various industries.  

Bainbridge Sports makes it a priority to work individually with each client in a three step process to develop their brand:

  1. Strategy: Our team works with you to determine a creative brand that fits your personality and goals. It is important to identify what your strengths and weakesses are, and formulate a plan as to how we can capitalize on  your strengths from a marketing and sponsorship perspective.

  2. Creation: Once we idntify how to effectively brand your talents and personality, we help you to implement our branding strategy into every aspect of your life. This phase of the process facilitates the creation of your unique brand.

  3. Promotio: The last step of the process is to promote you and your brand. We will work to get you the most exposure as possible, and leverage that exposure to capitalize on marketing, sponsorship, and promotional opportunities.

Our end gal is to establish a brand that you are comfortable and happy with, that can be monetized to ensure that you financially capitalize on your professional sports career.

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